Our Mission

The mission of the Fairfax County Police Association is one of a benevolent organization. As one of the largest employee groups, the Association is devoted to working closely with all public safety employee organizations in order to reach common goals and objectives for the men and women of the Fairfax County Police Department. Unity is at the heart of the Association, as the Board strives to promote an environment that is rich in police culture, which will in turn foster morale within the organization. Our unity will allow the Association to respond effectively to the needs of our members and their families during times of crisis. This shall be, and will remain, our number one priority as brothers and sisters in law enforcement. The Association's culture is observed through our actions; in the way we gather to celebrate and support our brethren through events like the Dinner Dance, Golf Tournaments, Shrimp and Crab Feast, and Children's Christmas Party — to name just a few.